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Paperless Medical Charts

Can a clinic increase access to medical records and reduce costs using Electronic Health Records systems?

If you already know the answer then Comptec can help make your systems more stable and scalable. Benefit? Your Electronic Health Records are always available when you need them and can grow as your information grows.

Comptec can also provide systems administration support to fix any problems and plan for growth. Benefit? You don't have to understand anything about technology. We translate the tech talk into something you can understand.

If you don't know the answer and are just starting, then Comptec can help you in the selection, planning, budgeting and implementation of the Electronic Health Records software you choose. Benefit? You don't make the same mistakes that other clinics have made in selecting and implementing software, servers and networks.

Comptec has the experience with implementing and supporting Electronic Health Records systems, networks and software.

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or call us at (308) 249-3538.
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